Smokey Eye Makeup for Hooded or Asian Eyes

Video Transcript:

Hi guys its Tina here welcome back to my channel. For today’s video I’m going to show you guys how to do a natural smoky eye makeup look on top of double eyelid tape. So if you haven’t watched my previous video where I show you guys how to make eyes look bigger with the tape. Watch that first and then tune in to this one and I’ll show you some new techniques.

I am going to apply a matte single sided double eyelid tape to make the eyes look bigger. I find that this type of eyelid tape is the best one to apply makeup over because it’s not as noticeable as the glue or the double sided tape.

Then I’m going to apply the urban decay potion primer all over the lid. This is going to help the eye shadows last longer and also conceal the eyelid tape a bit better. For eye shadows, today I’ll be using the chocolate bar pallet and I’m going to apply salted caramel in the crease. I want to blend this color above the eyelid tape. I usually apply all the darker colors on top of the eyelid tape with new creases and below that I’m going to keep that area quite light.This is going to help make the eyelid tape less visible.

Next I’m going to hazel nut to the outer corners and just pull that inwards into the socket just to make it a bit darker. For this step I find it easier to have the eye open so you can sort of mark out where the new crease is and apply the darker color on top of that. Also make sure you blend out the edges, so there is no harsh lines.

Now I’m going to apply the same colored browns that I applied on top but on the outer corner of the lower lash line. Then for the high light color I’m going to be using Mazer pan and I’m going to apply that to the rest of the lead area where we haven’t applied anything.

So the inner corner. To make the eyes pop even more I’m going to apply a big of champagne pop from Becca. I’m going to pop that in the inner corner of the eyes and also run along the first half of the lower lash line. Next I’m going to grab the Maybelline lovebag big eye liner and I’m going to apply this on the lower lash line just the first half. This is going to help brighten up the eyes.

Next I’m going to grab the dark brown eyeliner from Eye of Horus and I’m just going to use that to tight line the eyes. For the lower lash line I’m just going to line up with the nude pencil. This is going to help make the eyes look even bigger. For lashes today I’ll be using the Esqido lashes and the style is called BFF. This is s light natural pair of lashes which I find great for Asian eyes.

Then I’m going to use some liquid liner just to extend the eye out to make it look longer and to finish off the look I’m going to apply lower lashes but I’m going to cut, strip it to sections. I’m going to apply the false lashes on the outer corner and then apply mascara to the rest of the lashes. So here is a before and after so you can see the difference.

So that’s it for this tutorial. For next week I’m thinking of doing a darker smoky eye, more of an evening look but for more eyelids. If you guys want to see that, please make sure you let me know below, also leave any other suggestions for future viewers and for now make sure you subscribe to my channel to stay updated with videos that I post. Anyways I’ll speak to you guys next time. Bye